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Parle Biscuits has chosen Smar System302 to provide complete plant automation.

Parle chose the System302 with support from Indpro as its system integrator and main automation vendor (MAV) to provide complete automation of the 2500TCD sugar plant, which is beginning set up at Beharaich, near Lucknow, in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Parle Biscuits and technical consultants Fintech decided to separate out the CandI package from their machinery supplier.

Along with other significant C+I vendors, Parle and Fintech short listed Indpro as a system integrator together with Smar’s System302 as a probable vendor for automation.

Indpro succeeded in securing the contract due to its in-depth process know-how and solid engineering capabilities in conjunction with the state-of-the-art control system and products provided through its Smar Brazil relationship.

Substantial and sound commercial and technical support from Smar contributed towards this win.

Indpro is supplying the Smar System302 control system and field instruments for automation of various plant sections including the mill-house, boilers and boiling house.

The entire plant is now operating using three operator stations located in control rooms at the mill, boiler and boiling house.

The work stations are approximately 400m apart and are interfaced using fibre optic links.

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