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The Rockwell Automation Partnernetwork programme is a framework of well-managed relationships based on customer need.

It provides manufacturers with access to a local, regional and worldwide network of specialists.

Joe Kann, vice-president of business development at Rockwell Automation, said: ‘The core concept of the Partnernetwork is that bringing our individual partnering programmes under a common commercial umbrella gives us more operational and functional leverage across various programmes for the benefit of our customers.

‘When we leverage these partnerships more effectively, we are a more efficient business and we provide more innovation for our customers.

‘Our customers get faster time to market on new concepts and many other benefits that ultimately translate directly to the customer.

‘These are all the reasons that you want to leverage third parties.’ Mary Lou Bailey, director of business-development marketing for Rockwell Automation, cites the example of the company’s collaboration with Cisco: ‘We could have decided to offer industrial switches because we know industrial hardware.

‘But Cisco is the world leader in enterprise networks, so we are working together and sharing knowledge to offer customers a better solution than if we tried to do it ourselves.’ The Partnernetwork provides a range of partner solutions, from referencing of products and configuration of solutions, to licensing of technology and development of strategic alliances.

These partners offer the industry experience and technological know-how to help solve business challenges of any magnitude.

Rockwell Automation and the Partnernetwork make a powerful combination, according to Bailey.

She said: ‘It means customers can get everything they need from a trusted source, leveraging the best technology and engineering know-how that complements Rockwell Automation solutions, from companies that also are leaders in their field.

‘The Partnernetwork collectively provides a complete solution so customers can be more competitive.’ The Partnernetwork, which includes thousands of specialists in industries, applications, geographies, technologies and services around the world, harnesses the knowledge and flexibility needed to respond to rapid change and shifting demand.

The programme is designed to help manufacturers get their products and services to market faster, reduce total cost of ownership, use power and plant-floor assets more effectively and minimise risks.

This is achieved by providing customers with: skilled suppliers that understand how products are integrated; professionals with deep engineering knowledge; specialists that understand and consistently follow industry standards; partners that are well-trained in their industries; resources that are closely matched to the industry or application need; more efficient implementation; and consistency and co-ordination that reduces unpleasant surprises.

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