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Sorco has approached Haakon Ellingsen to produce eight wellhead control panels for the Gyda platform.

As part of the specification, Talisman had a requirement for a compact design but with serviceable components.

Haakon Ellingsen designed, manufactured and tested the wellhead control panels.

It was decided that a manifold solution would produce the best results, while conforming to a variety of regulations and the express requirement of Talisman for a compact design.

As the appointed manifold provider, Midland-ACS assumed responsibility for engineering, procurement coordination, fabrication and assembly, as well as the testing of the assembled manifolds.

Due to the nature of the suggested manifold solution, several gains in a number of keys areas were achieved, including less tubing, space saving, weight and maintenance.

Using 3D Solidworks modelling to design the system and check that the space was serviceable for maintenance purposes, engineers animated and analysed the flow through the manifolds to spot efficiency gains wherever possible, as well as identifying potential leak points and eliminating them.

The design was split into two parts, whereby Ellingsen would be responsible for the complete design of the panel itself and Midland-ACS would design the manifold solution.

Due to the environmental conditions associated with working the North Sea and to ensure the longevity and long term reliability of the manifolds, they were constructed from 316 stainless steel.

Consisting of two wellhead control manifolds for AMV and ASV control, the manifolds are made up of eight and 16 valve multi-stations with the capacity for future stations.

The manifolds have a maximum operating pressure of 370 bar with a nominal flow rate of 5l/min.

As part of the design, integral modules for isolation and check valves were also incorporated, allowing a quick and easy change out of any individual solenoid valve in the event of a problem.

This design means that the whole panel does not need to be shut down only that particular channel, resulting in diminished losses in production and shut down time.

Controlling the manifolds are Midland-ACS’s low power consumption, 3/2 normally closed, DN3 series hydraulic valve.

The valves feature auto-reset and manual resets for PSD and ESD control.

They are also compliant to EExme II T4 and ATEX II 2 G standards, with a maximum operating pressure of 690 bar.

The completed manifold and their solenoid operators were subject to rigorous test procedures in accordance to Quality Assurance standards, FMEA tool deployed to drive control plans and internal audit schedules prior to despatch.

The manifolds were then supplied to Ellingsen with test reports and full documentation packs.

Ellingsen designed the panels to be able to control up to eight wellheads.

Currently, there are solenoids are in place to control six wellheads per panel, with the option for further expansion should future production require it.

Ellingsen produced two panels in total, weighing 500kg (1102lb) each.

The power, electric and hydraulic signals were placed on right of the panel with the output signal on left.

It was deemed necessary, and an important part of the panel design, to have the RMA valve on deck, to act as a second barrier between well and platform.

The panels were designed to conform to incoming regulations and Norsok standards.

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