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Parvalux has launched a solid machine prototyping service designed to ensure that a ‘proof of concept’ of a geared motor can be delivered to a customer within a very short lead time.

Acting as the customer’s design resource, the Parvalux engineering team quickly produces a detailed 3D model of the gearbox casing. The design is then sent to a dedicated four-axis CNC machine, which is used exclusively for prototyping. The machine allows a fully functional solid prototype to be produced in as little as two days.

According to Dr Martin Mathias, technical director, the new prototyping machine has already delivered a return on investment by reducing lead times for Parvalux customers.

Parvalux Electric Motors

Parvalux is the UK’s largest manufacturer of small geared motors. With more than 18 million geared motors installed globally, we are proud of our heritage and continued reputation for high quality.

Founded in 1947, Parvalux is now privately owned by the Clark Group, who have taken the business from strength to strength. Revenues have climbed threefold to more than £18m in just six years.

Over the next two years, a considerable programme of investment into machines and infrastructure will help our customers to gain genuine competitive advantage in their markets.

Based on the south coast, Parvalux benefits from strong distribution partnerships across the globe. More than 50 per cent of product is exported, with production now exceeding 275,000 units produced annually.

As well as a standard catalogue offer of more than 5,000 product variants, Parvalux offers a ‘design for manufacture’ service for larger-volume OEMs. With more than 20 design engineers, Parvalux has made a serious investment in its capability to produce new designs to tight timescales.

Parvalux now enjoys a reputation as a specialist supplier to numerous industry sectors including mobility, leisure, automotive and industrial automation applications.

For larger OEM projects, our dedicated account team, comprising highly experienced engineers led by technical director Dr Martin Mathias, ensures our value-add right from the outset of any project.

For the small and medium-sized UK customers, the Parvalux Service Centre in Birmingham holds extensive stock at a central location. This centre, coupled with the newly established online shop, provides a rapid response to any orders and enquiries.

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