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LCD designer and manufacturer Optrex and Optrex America, its sales and marketing channel in the Americas, have introduced a passive-matrix LCD featuring Advanced Black Nematic (ABN) technology.

LCDs with ABN technology are claimed to provide higher contrast ratios and wider viewing angles than conventional passive-matrix displays, with true black levels, no performance shift over wide temperature ranges and virtually no colour shift.

Conventional passive-matrix displays offer limited performance, such as a brightness of less than 100cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of less than 80:1, which are not acceptable for some applications.

As a result, Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD) technology has been prevalent in many automotive and industrial applications.

However, Optrex claims that LCDs utilising ABN technology can achieve performance equal to or better than VFD.

They provide a true black level by reducing the light leakage, resulting in contrast ratios of up to 1,000:1, wide viewing angles and no performance shift over a wide temperature range.

As LCDs with ABN technology exhibit practically no colour shift, any backlight colour can be used without compromising the contrast ratio.

ABN was originally developed by Optrex for custom modules used in automotive applications.

Its first standard passive LCD with ABN technology – C-55605GNFU-LW-AAN – has a 20 x 2 character display with 600cd/m2 brightness, a contrast ratio of 550:1 and a standard 8-bit parallel interface.

Sample pricing for the C-55605GNFU-LW-AAN is less than USD30 (GBP19).

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