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GAO RFID’s compact, passive RFID transponder offers long read range and on-edge performance on metal, regardless of tag orientation, and is designed for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

Designed with a new type of tag antenna, it can be mounted on reusable totes, heavy machinery, trucks, rail cars and cargo containers with adhesives, screws or plastic cable ties.

It belongs to GAO’s RFID Tags – 902 to 928MHz (UHF) range of products.

This compact passive UHF RFID transponder, model 136006, operates at a frequency range of 902 to 928MHz for North America and a frequency range of 865 to 868MHz for both Europe and India.

It features a low turn-on threshold, multi-stage wake-up, high-receive signal sensitivity and backscatter efficiency and built-in application-specific security.

This UHF RFID tag offers data rates of 8kb/s or 32kb/s for backward link.

It has a 60kb user-rewriteable memory to store user information including e-manifest, maintenance records, custody chain and history.

Activation of selected groups of tags enables faster identification and storage of tagged items data.

It has a battery life of up to five years and an IP67 protection rating, allowing it to perform well even in harsh environments.

GAO RFID Asset Tracking

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