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DEK has launched the paste roll height monitor, an easy-to-use productivity tool designed to eliminate defects and improve end-of-line yield.

The technology uses lasers to detect the presence of solder paste and monitors the height of the paste roll to provide operators with good process control.

The company said set-up using its Instinctiv v9 user interface is fast and simple.

The paste roll height monitor consists of two sensors that sit on either side of the squeegee blade framework support and are fully integrated into most printer software.

Using laser technology, a light curtain detects solder-paste presence or absence, sending a signal to the printer.

If paste crosses the light threshold and breaks the light beam, then the printer reads that as a signal that paste is present and will continue to process boards as normal.

If, however, the light curtain is not disturbed, indicating a low paste height, the printer will alert the operator to add solder paste.

As the paste roll starts to recede, the printer issues a warning so that operators are given time to react before the solder paste is completely gone.

Once the warning is received, the printer can be programmed to stop and await manual paste replenishment, or the paste dispenser can automatically engage to deposit paste.

By using the automatic paste dispenser option for high-volume applications, operators can automate the replenishment cycle to eliminate human error and optimise paste deposit.

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