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Lumiscaphe has announced version 4.0 of Patchwork 3D (P3D), now available as a full 64-bit version.

Lumiscaphe designs software technologies for automotive, aerospace and architecture design that render models in real time with photorealistic 3D images.

Version 4.0 includes an unwrapping module to unfold complex 3D surfaces in 2D, a real-time 2D post-treatment module and a configurating module that creates models according to a set of input parameters (geometrical harmonies and variants).

The 2D post-treatment module allows users to combine several real-time 2D effects on the final rendering of the image, while maintaining the grain effect.

The post treatments may be exported in .kfx format to facilitate their reuse and to be configured in metric or pixel size.

Users can export the metric image of the pattern as bitmap and vectorial 2D images, as well as selecting a preview texture to be plated onto the surface, by virtue of the improvement in the interface and the algorithms.

Lumiscaphe is using the launch of version 4.0 to make available the Confbuilder tool, which allows the creation of models that can be configured by means of a set of parameters and allows them to be viewed in real time and in 3D.

A Ray-It rendering engine uses a ray-throwing technique to calculate transparencies and inter reflections in P3D scenes.

Additional rendering modes include: depth – camera-object distance in greyscale; and G-Buffer – a single colour is assigned to each surface (used in retouching software for selecting the visible pixels of a surface).

P3D Xml format allows the exporting and importing of data from Patchwork 3D to an XML format.

It enables the fusion of several elements coming from different P3D bases (e.g.

interior and exterior of a vehicle).

The P3D Xml format is open and facilitates the creation of personalised gateways between Patchwork 3D and other software suites.

The material editor allows automatic reporting of the sizes of the assigned texture.

This makes it possible to add colour books, including the one in Photoshop, into the colour selector.


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