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PBC Linear has developed the Low-Profile (LP) Uni-Guide for use in print/scan, food processing and machine tool applications.

An expansion of the Uni-Guide range, the LP Uni-Guide allocates the performance advantages of larger designs – self-lubricating, maintenance-free and easy assembly – into a compact, 24mm profile for smooth, long-lasting linear motion.

The Uni-Guide range utilises the plane bearing technology of Simplicity, which allows the carriage to glide smoothly along the slide.

The Frelon liner ensures safe travel over dirt, dust, grime and other particulates without damaging the rail or carriage.

Uni-Guide products require no additional grease or oil and can be used in applications where contamination must be prevented, such as food processing, lab automation and medical equipment.

Comprised of a simple, two-piece rail and carriage assembly, Uni-Guide products facilitate quick system integration without the mounting components and alignment necessitated by other linear slide products.

These products, such as re-circulating ball or polymer insert linear slides, use assemblies with multiple rails and components.

They also require alignment to ensure uniform parallelism across all assembled rails and carriages.

The Uni-Guide range is said to promote ease of installation by machining two parallel rails in one profile.

The one-piece carriage design also simplifies assembly by directly fitting onto the rail without fasteners – saving the end user on cost and reducing tolerance stack-up.

To ensure precision tolerances are maintained, the rail and carriage of the LP Uni-Guide are machined by the company’s SIMO process.

SIMO uses a synchronised tooling system to mill all critical edges concurrently – creating consistently tight tolerances that hold within +/-0.001in (0.025mm) for high-accuracy travel.

SIMO also produces specially angled edges along the LP Uni-Guide rail to support clean wash down without chemical pooling.

The angled edges also work with the overall design of the LP Uni-Guide to prevent any contamination from accumulating in the assembly.

This makes the LP Uni-Guide suitable for food processing tasks.

The LP Uni-Guide is available with hand brakes for quick manual adjustment and positioning, extended carriages for enhanced load dispersion and standard tap holes for mounting ease, enabling customers to tailor the product to specific requirements.

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