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Byte Paradigm has introduced GP-24116 and GP-24132 general-purpose and expandable PC-based tools that complement existing system debug equipment such as logic analysers and high-speed oscilloscopes.

The GP-24116 and GP-24132 combine a high-speed digital pattern generator, logic analyser and bidirectional (SPI/IC) host adapter with either 16MB or 32MB of internal memory.

GP-241xx devices offer high-speed programmable bidirectional interfaces that allow the stimulation and analysis of digital electronic systems, providing flexible access to electronic devices under test.

The devices feature an internal 16MB or 32MB embedded memory buffer and 100MHz operation on all 16 digital lines.

They can be used as an arbitrary digital pattern generator, logic analyser or serial protocol master/analyser, with 16 address/data lines and six control lines, offering up to 100MHz (200MB/s burst) performance.

With GP-24116 and GP-24132, Byte Paradigm extends its GP series range of multi-function test and debug devices controlled from USB.

GP-241xx devices are delivered with the 8PI Control Panel 2.xx software suite, including Windows GUI, TCL/tk interface and access to C/C++ DLL.

The new release allows multiple device control, enabling the implementation of a complete stimulus-and-response loop with portable USB 2.0 devices.

The C programming interface allows the development of custom test programs from any C-compatible environments to automate and repeat specific tasks.

Like their predecessor – the GP-24100 – the standard ADWG (pattern generator) and logic analyser mode of operations are included with GP-24116 and GP-24132 devices.

They can be turned into an SPI host adapter/analyser and I2C host adapter/analyser with extra modes of operation.

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