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Harting has introduced a PCB adaptor that allows its Han Q 12/0 industrial connector, of the small Han 3 A series with the highest number of pins, to be directly connected to device boards.

The PCB adaptor can be installed independently of the connector, allowing it to be pre-mounted according to the pinhole pattern on the board, as with other components.

In addition to the actual PCB adaptor, special versions of the Han Q 12/0 connector’s male and female inserts for the PCB adaptor are being introduced.

The male or female insert for the PCB adaptor is installed after the board has been installed in the housing by being mounted on to the PCB and fixed in place on the bulkhead-mounted housing with the fixing screw.

Because of the separation of the connector from the PCB adaptor, all 12 contacts and the PE conductor can be used for connection to the PCB.

The adaptor meets the requirements of the DIN EN 61984 standard, with electrical ratings of 7.5A and 250V-rated and a 4 kV impulse voltage at pollution degree three.

It complements Harting’s existing range, which includes adaptors for the Han DD, Han E, Han-Modular and Han Q series of connectors.

The HARTING Technology Group is an industry leader in the fields of electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and networking. Headquartered in Espelkamp, Germany, HARTING remains family owned after more than 65 years in business, and despite its European roots has become a global company, with subsidiaries in 32 countries worldwide and manufacturing operations in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Romania, USA and China.

In the UK, HARTING Ltd., based in Northampton, has over 100 employees, and turnover is currently in excess of GBP12 million. HARTING Ltd. has Investor in People Accreditation and is ISO 9001 certified.

HARTING’s UK manufacturing operation, HARTING Integrated Solutions, manufactures and tests high-speed multi-layer backplanes and cable assemblies.

Harting produces a range of high-quality electronic interconnection solutions, including D-Sub, 2 mm metric, DIN 41612 and IDC types as well as MicroTCA card edge connectors.

In the field of industrial connectors, HARTING manufactures the industry-leading Han(R) heavy-duty connector family and other products for the industrial environment including industrial Ethernet switches and hubs, Automation IT products to link IP67 industrial and IP20 office systems, M8 and M12 connectors and their associated subassemblies, and RJ Industrial connectors for both copper and fibre-optic communications.

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