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PCB Piezotronics has unveiled the Model 913B02 hydraulic impulse calibrator to provide dynamic field or laboratory calibration of piezoelectric pressure sensors.

The Model 913B02 uses a drop mass on a piston to create half-sine pulses.

The piston acts on a hydraulic-fluid-filled cylinder for comparison calibration of dynamic pressure sensors against a PCB Model 136A tourmaline transfer standard.

The hydraulic cylinder is fitted with the tourmaline transfer standard and has an opposing mounting port for the sensor under test (SUT).

Typical performance specifications are 2-3ms rise time with a pulse duration of about 5-6ms.

The Model 136A transfer standard is a linear volumetric tourmaline pressure sensor designed to accurately measure rapidly changing hydraulic pressures to 20,000psi.

It is structured with a single tourmaline crystal, precisely suspended between two steel supports.

Since there is no diaphragm or housing to affect the linearity of the tourmaline crystal, this sensor makes a suitable calibration transfer standard for impulse-type calibrations.

The Model 136A transfer standard may also be deadweight calibrated periodically to verify performance.

Software and data-acquisition hardware available from The Modal Shop, a PCB Group company, allow a metrology laboratory to acquire the measurements with a PC-controlled, high-quality, instrumentation-grade, 24-bit dynamic signal analyser.

Data processing is automated with a graphical user interface that measures and displays impulse signals from the reference sensor and SUT.

Calibration results are stored within an underlying Microsoft Access database and ISO 17025-compliant calibration certificates are generated using Microsoft Excel, facilitating customisation (if required).

The entire system, including the PCB Model 913B02, the 136A transfer standard, a verification sensor, mounting adaptors, signal conditioning, cables, data-acquisition hardware and software installed on a system controller PC, is available as a turnkey workstation Model K9913C from The Modal Shop.

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