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Eurocircuits has announced that it will launch PCB Proto, a PCB prototype service, at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show.

The service offers development engineers a fast, low-cost source of prototype PCBs with no hidden extras, using a two-field online menu.

The PCB Proto service delivers two boards of two or four layers in five days, fully finished with two solder-masks and a legend.

Eurocircuits’ customer research shows that, if the price is right, most prototype engineers would prefer two boards to test.

To make two boards, Eurocircuits always launches three.

If the third board is good, it will be delivered free of charge.

The PCB Proto service uses two strategies to cut costs.

For PCB Proto Eurocircuits uses newly developed automatic design analysis software.

This allows it to cut front-end engineering costs and still ensure 100 per cent data verification prior to manufacture.

To cut production costs, Eurocircuits uses order-combination or order pooling.

Placing a number of different orders on a standard production panel minimises set-up and manufacturing costs.

For PCB Proto customers this means lower prices, no tooling costs, and no minimum order charge.

Getting a price or placing an order on the website is simple.

The user only needs to enter the board size and the number of layers (two or four).

The price and shipping costs appear immediately on screen.

A streamlined registration process means that first-time users can access the PCB Proto service without delay.


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