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Lovejoy Tool Company’s PCD chip control geometry inserts break chips, increase production and improve employee safety by eliminating the removal of stringy chips in aluminium and copper alloys.

Aluminium and copper alloys are used in turning and boring, particularly on screw machines.

The new PCD chip control geometry inserts are targeted at customers that require a chip breaker at the actual cutting point.

Conventional flat-face PCD inserts in continuous contact machining, such as boring or turning, can experience hard-to-handle continuous chips, which can cause lost production time or result in a poor surface finish.

Lovejoy Tool claims that its new chip control geometries put the chip control at the cutting point, resulting in better control with a short chip.

The inserts are offered in two chip-breaker geometries, tailored to finishing or general-purpose machining, and three PCD grades in many common shapes.

The inserts produce less cutting pressures and less heat expansion of the parts being machined, delivering a 20-30 per cent increase in tool life and providing better surface finishes.

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