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Conduant, a developer of direct-to-disk, long duration recording and playback systems, has announced the introduction of its NTX16 PCI Express recorder.

The data recorder provides more than 800MB/s recording and playback performance.

The NTX16 supports demanding high-volume data-streaming applications including high-speed data acquisition, high-resolution video, satellite data downloads and digital signal processing (DSP).

The NTX16 PCI Express features direct peer-to-peer streaming across a PCI Express cable interface for applications requiring high bandwidth data capture and fail-safe performance.

PCI Express cabling provides maximum compatibility when interfacing with systems supporting VPX, VXS, XMC, CompactPCI Express and PXI Express environments.

The NTX16 can operate as a stand-alone system with network control or can be directly connected to a host computer via a PCI Express eight-lane bus interface.

External I/O options are available including Serial FPDP and LVDS.

The 4U (7in) high chassis accepts up to 16 storage drives, for 32 terabytes of storage capacity.

The user may choose traditional lower-cost, high-performance rotating disk storage or newer solid-state drives for more environmental tolerance such as shock, vibration, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, depending on the application.

The NTX16 PCI Express recorder system is rack mountable and is only 20in in depth, allowing it to be configured with other equipment.

PCI Express cabling is available from the front of the unit or can optionally be configured to exit from the back.

Solid-state drives and other capacity options are also available.

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