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PCM has announced that its PCM Vulcain all-metal progressing cavity pump has pumped extremely hot and viscous bitumen for more than 20 months in a SAGD trial.

The Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) trial was conducted in Canada by a major oil company.

The PCM Vulcain was installed in May 2007 and has been running non-stop ever since.

It is being used to pump bitumen so viscous that it will not slide out of an upturned cup.

It was installed as part of a trial to find a suitable replacement for electric submersible pumps that were underperforming due to the extreme pumping conditions.

After 20 months of operation, the PCM Vulcain has a 53 per cent volumetric efficiency at 390rpm.

In this trial, there are nine PCM Vulcains to date having already exceeded the 12-month mark.

The PCM Vulcain was developed through joint research and development conducted by PCM and major oil companies.

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