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Zytronic has launched the ZXY100 controllers for PCT-based touch-sensor products, aimed at adding value to human-machine interfaces (HMI) in kiosks, industrial PCs and medical displays.

The new controller architecture is said to increase speed and accuracy, streamline system integration, save 55 per cent of PCB space and provide a platform for innovative touch features.

The ZXY100 controllers are fully compatible with all of Zytronic’s PCT touch sensors, including all sizes of Zypos, Zybrid, Zytouch and the flexible Zyfilm and Zyprofilm sensors.

PCT touch-sensing comprises an array of micro-fine capacitive sensing elements, which are embedded within a toughened laminated glass substrate that protects the sensing element.

PCT can also operate behind thick protective glass overlays, enabling reliable, functional and versatile HMIs in applications including information kiosks, ticketing terminals, interactive digital signage, medical displays, industrial PCs and ATMs.

Driving the ZXY100 controller’s increased performance is a 32-bit ARM microprocessor, enabling faster touch detection and enhanced responsiveness in both direct touch and through-glass sensing.

In conjunction with the extra processing power of the ARM, Zytronic will be releasing new firmware that will generate one or two simultaneous touch points, enabling customers to develop dual-touch or gesture recognition applications.

The firmware has been developed to be compatible with Windows 7, allowing customers using this operating system to choose between downloading Zytronic’s fully configurable driver (UPDD) and using the basic in-built Microsoft touch-screen driver (HID).

In addition, for customers wanting to write their own application-specific touch drivers, Zytronic can release the controller Output Protocol.

Other benefits of the controller will include in-field firmware upgrade capability via onboard Flash memory.

In addition to the ARM microprocessor, the controller will incorporate an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) which has been custom designed to consolidate a number of key analogue components into a single 7 x 7mm chip.

This enables a reduction in controller dimensions and, if required, facilitating the supply of the controller in chipset form to allow integration of the PCT touch-sensor controller onto a customer motherboard in higher-volume and small form-factor applications.

There are three ZXY100 controllers in the range.

The smallest – a 32-channel unit (to be used with 5-20in sensors) measures 54 x 34mm; a larger 64-channel controller (for 20-50in sensors) is also being released, and Zytronic is also releasing a 128-channel device (for ultra large +50in sensors), which is expected to be available by summer 2010.

Each will be available with either USB or serial connectivity.

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