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Zytronic has announced Mentor Distribution as a commercial partner making use of its proprietary Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT) touch sensors and accompanying touch controllers.

UK-based Mentor is a specialist supplier of large-format touch screen/display assemblies focused on the public information and hospitality sectors.

It is an NEC-accredited displays provider and an authorised touch screen integrator for Mitsubishi.

Its products are predesigned, allowing a broad array of options to be sourced rapidly so that customers can specify the best match for their specific requirements.

Through this collaboration, Mentor are benefitting from the PCT-based sensors’ resilience to harsh environmental conditions such as high humidity, water ingress and exposure to shock or vibration, as well as their ability to offer accurate and responsive drift-free operation without costly maintenance or recalibration activities.

The patented PCT sensing mechanism enables projective capacitive sensors to be deployed in much larger form factors than previously possible.

It consists of a matrix of micro-fine capacitors arranged into a grid, which is then embedded into a durable laminated glass substrate.

With the sensing elements mounted behind the front surface, the screen’s operation is unaffected by scratches, rain, ice, oil and dust.

Furthermore, the highly sensitive frequency modulation technique used by PCT sensors means they may also be positioned behind, and operate through, an additional thick protective overlay of glass or plastic, making them capable of deployment in the most demanding, damage-prone industrial and public access environments.

According to Mentor, incorporation of Zytronic’s PCT-based touch sensor products into its touch screen/display assemblies has enabled them to cope with high-brightness conditions.

The incorporation has also made the screens vandal resistant and possible to be operated by gloved hands.

Mentor is now utilising Zytronic’s products in display solutions of sizes ranging from 23 to 82in and is seeing a strong uptake for them in hospital, military, medical and government sectors, as well as garages and car show rooms.

The company also report having received first-class technical support from Zytronic, enabling the sensors to be designed in easily.

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