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Concepts NREC, a manufacturer of turbomachinery, has made PD Solutions a concepts channel partner (CCP), with the latter company providing software, support and training in Southeast Asia.

Original equipment manufacturers and engineering organisations in the region will benefit from PD Solutions’ engineering expertise and local market knowledge combined with Concepts NREC’s products and services.

PD Solutions’ specific territory in Southeast Asia includes Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

PD Solutions provides CAD/CAM/CAE and product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services to companies in the design and manufacturing industries.

As a CCP, PD Solutions will help customers to capitalise on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) capabilities to facilitate design simulations and analyses that eliminate product design errors, reduce costs and optimise overall product quality.

PD Solutions now sells Concepts NREC’s entire products and services portfolio, including Turbomatch, Compal, Pumpal, Fanpal, Rital, Axial, Axcent, Pushbutton CFD, Stressprep and Axistress for CAE turbomachinery design and Max-Pac (Max-5, Max-AB and Max-SI).

Concepts NREC

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