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The PD4 motors of the Plug and Drive model series target companies that are looking for economical and flexible machinery integration.

The PD4 motors are also available in IP65 compliant versions for use in raw industrial environments.

With their integrated encoder and positioning controller, and the quiet running DSP Drive, their advantages are crucial in areas where speed, exact positioning and space-saving installations are essential.

These models are jet-water protected, resistant to dust and have improved EMC compatibility .

They are compatible to the complete range of Plug and Drive motors in other sizes and thus offer developers the opportunity to employ a uniform communication and control technology in a mixed environment.

Like all Plug and Drive motors from Nanotec, these models rely on a digital signal processor for current control that implements Nanotec’s DSP Drive technology and controls the current with a resolution of 12 bit instead of the 6 or 8 bits common with ICs.

This increases running smoothness considerably.

PD4-N motors developed to comply with protection class IP65 work both with open-loop and Closedloop operation, in which the stator magnetic field is controlled via an encoder.

Unlike conventional stepper motors, these motors no longer lose steps and run considerably quieter and smoother.

In this way, the Closedloop control turns the stepper motor into a multi-pole servomotor.

Particularly at speeds of up to 1,500rpm and torques of up to 10Nm, the sinusoidal commutated stepper motor is an economical alternative to conventional servosystems, because, they make a direct drive possible without gearing due to their high torque for the same size motor.

The PD4-N IP65 Plug and Drive motor can be programmed via the Nanopro and Nanocan Windows software.

It supports RS485 and Canopen interfaces.

Thanks to their compact construction, they offer space-saving implementation and are compatible with standard stepper motors.

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