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PEI-Genesis, an assembling distributor, has launched a connector kit service that enables customers to obtain a multi-contact military connector with the accessories needed to terminate it to a cable.

This kit is all packaged in one bag under a single part number.

By eliminating the need to place separate orders for individual items such as backshells, shrink boots, shielding, screen-trap devices and potting material, this new service is intended to speed up the purchasing process for customers.

As all of the components are supplied in a single bag, customers’ production departments will save time because they only have to retrieve one item from stock, rather than several different products.

The connector kit bags can even be specially printed by PEI-Genesis with information such as the customer’s own part number.

The company is offering the connector kit service for a range of bayonet-coupling and threaded military connectors from manufacturers Amphenol and ITT Interconnect Solutions (Cannon and Veam).

Various backshells are available, including PEI-Genesis’s proprietary designs, as well as Polamco and Glenair parts.

A range of heat-shrinkable tubing and moulded shapes from manufacturers such as Hellermanntyton can also be supplied as part of the kit.

Primarily aimed at customers who are placing regular repeat orders, the connector kit service is available with a standard turnaround time of 48 hours, which includes the full assembly and testing of the connector.

To help customers select components for their connector kits, PEI-Genesis has produced a detailed guide in the form of a ‘cook book’, together with a step-by-step summary on the company’s website.

PEI-Genesis is the fastest and largest robotic assembler of ITT Cannon, Amphenol and Cinch connectors in the world. Our production capabilities meet and exceed the highest military and industrial standards for consistent quality, inspection, marking and packaging. We are one of the top 15 electronic component distributors in the US.

PEI-Genesis has more than 60 years of connector experience and expertise as an international connector distributor.

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