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Pentek has released the user-configurable Model 7191 programmable clock synthesiser PMC module, which is suitable for use in laboratory systems or field-configurable deployed applications.

As with its predecessor, the Model 7190, the new Model 7191 gives designers working with A/Ds and D/As a highly precise clock source with the added flexibility of custom frequency generation under simple software control.

Rodger Hosking, vice-president of Pentek, said: ‘Multichannel A/D and D/A systems for most radar and communication applications require synchronised sampling using precision clocks.

‘The Model 7191 is ideal when the desired clock frequency is not initially known, such as in laboratory systems or field-configurable deployed applications.

‘As a user-programmable PMC module clock generator, the Model 7191 can replace bulky and expensive frequency synthesisers in systems needing several high-quality clock signals, all phase locked to a system reference,’ he added.

The Model 7191 achieves its combination of flexibility and performance by using low-noise VCXOs for the fundamental frequency generation.

The VCXO output is followed by a clock synchroniser from Texas Instruments to allow synchronisation with common frequency reference sources.

Brad Ruzicka of Texas Instruments said: ‘Customers such as Pentek who are designing precision multi-rate signal processing systems need a high-performance clock synchroniser to significantly reduce the amount of jitter in their board’s output clocks.

‘The CDC7005’s multiple, independent channels of frequency-locked clocks with excellent jitter performance help ease the development of these systems,’ he added.

The Model 7191 generates four different user-programmable VCXO frequencies, plus four divided versions (by two, four, eight and 16) of each oscillator.

Using the provided software, users can route up to five different frequencies from this set of 20 choices to the board’s eight buffered 50ohm outputs.

The user programmability of the Model 7191 provides arbitrary frequencies to help speed up development by providing immediate access to non-standard operating frequencies.

Conventional crystal oscillators for custom frequencies often require long lead times.

The Model 7191 also helps streamline development by being simple to integrate into various system architectures.

The board’s base format is an industry-standard PMC module with a 32-bit 33/66MHz PCI interface, usable on any type of carrier that supports PMC.

Pentek also offers this module on simple carriers for PCI, PCI Express, CompactPCI, VME and VPX form factors.

For Linux, Windows or VXWorks operating systems, the 7191 is supported with the Readyflow board support package with full control over and the status of board operation across the PCI bus.

The board is also equipped with non-volatile configuration memory for dedicated operation in systems without PCI control.

The Model 7191 multi-frequency programmable clock synthesiser is priced at USD2,995 (GBP1,920) and delivery is from inventory to four weeks after receipt of order.

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