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Perceptive Engineering has introduced version 3.2 of the PharmaMV software suite, which enhances multivariate process control for drug manufacturers.

PharmaMV 3.2 also aids compliance with the Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) initiatives.

PharmaMV offers multivariate process modelling, monitoring and real-time model predictive control of batch-end point.

PharmaMV can be accessed through Siemens’ SIPAT platform, to provide real-time advanced control and deliver a comprehensive manufacturing process optimisation capability.

PharmaMV allows users to design, build and test models for single and multiple unit operations within the same framework and link the predicted properties to process monitors that can detect process faults and deviation from normal performance.

The same models and interface package can automatically adjust the process parameters in real time.

PharmaMV manages the dynamics of modelling and control in a single user interface, allowing repeatable batch and continuous process operation along optimum trajectories.

The toolkit permits dynamic management of inherent variability in each unit operation and the dynamic control of the process steps in concert, to meet final product specifications and output targets.

Extension of these techniques allows the tailored manufacture of new dosage variants and promotes production flexibility.

PharmaMV is based on the PerceptiveAPC Suite, a real-time multivariate control and modelling platform used in the utilities and refining industries.

PharmaMV complies with GAMP and validated / 21 CFR Part 11 scenarios.

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