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Perforce Software has released the P4Java, Perforce’s pure Java API, for accessing Perforce SCM services from within Java applications, servlets, plug-ins, and other Java contexts.

P4Java allows developers to integrate Perforce functionality into tools such as Cruisecontrol, Maven and Ant, and in environments such as J2EE-based web application and web service frameworks.

Perforce SCM manages source code and digital assets.

P4Java is a pure Java implementation of the client-side Perforce networking protocol that speaks directly to the Perforce server.

Perforce-managed resources, files and services are available as first-class Java interfaces, classes, methods, and objects, rather than simple strings or command-line-like functions.

Open source and commercial tools that support continuous integration and other agile workflows may also be extended to transparently provide Perforce SCM services.

For example, the Perforce Plug-in for Eclipse, has been entirely reworked and re-implemented on top of P4Java to closely integrate with Eclipse views and workflows.

The Perforce Java API is available now, at no additional charge, with the latest release of the Perforce Server and is supported on servers starting from version 2007.3.

Interested developers are invited to download and evaluate Perforce free from the Perforce website.

This offer includes free technical support during evaluation.

End-user licenses for the complete solution, including one year of support and maintenance, start at USD900 (GBP549) per seat.

Volume discounts are available.

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