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2019 was the international year of the periodic table, marking the 150th year of the table of elements.  To mark this milestone, mk Profile Systems worked closely with Warwick University to create a giant periodic table sized at 3.6m x 2.7m x 2m with its structure based on both the 25 and 40 series of the mk aluminium profile system.

The benefit of using mk’s comprehensive profile system was that it requires no welding, abrasive grinding or painting unlike a steel structure.  However the profiles are sturdy and combine high load capacity whilst retaining an attractive design.

The 25 series profile is ideal for light duty frames and show cases but by incorporating the 40 series, which is ideal for exhibit pieces, this provides additional strength to the display piece.

Initially on display at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition in London at the start of July 2019, the table will then be used at other shows/events.

The idea for the structure came from Warwick University, a long standing customer of mk Profiles, and then mk assisted with the design to ensure that the vision became a reality.

Once all of the profiles and associated components had been delivered to Warwick University the students set to work assembling the structure and then adding the elements. This included 1064 LEDs with 9 LEDs for each element; the elements each have their own micro controller with individual addresses, then each of the six main blocks has a 12C routing board to address the (up to) 24 elements. The routing boards connect to a central hub which in turn links to the control panel that has its own controllers, 126 in total.

mk Profile Systems

With over 10 years experience, mk Profile Systems is a leading supplier of aluminium profile based modular components used in automation systems, machine building & systems integration.

With over 10 years experience, mk Profile Systems is a leading supplier of aluminium profile based modular components used in automation systems, machine building & systems integration.

Our four main business areas are Profile Technology, Conveyor Technology, Linear Motion and Factory Equipment.

Our comprehensive range of over 250 Aluminium Profiles includes 25, 40, 50 & 60mm series profiles, all made from high-quality alloys.  We have various connecting methods as well as accessories and standard parts.  This provides organised functionality for modern machine building.

mk’s 24 Conveying Systems are fully compatible with the aluminium profile system. They include conveyor modules such as flat-belt, twin-belt, timing belt, chain, flat top chain and roller for automation purposes.

Our conveyor technology offers you simplified planning and design due to our standardised modules.  We offer high flexibility in system and plant building and modification due to compatibility with all mk systems.

We can provide factory equipment in the form of guarding systems, gangways, stairs, platforms and work stations for the office, shop floor, assembly hall or any other area where required.

mk’s Linear Motion range includes slide rails, rollers and fully assembled modules for materials handling applications with high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

Our key customers come from areas such as automation, robotics, system integration, factory machinery, OEMs and end users however there really are no limits for the use of mk’s aluminium profile system.
Many of our customers choose to have their designs assembled at the mk factory so the finished article is delivered directly to them, however we are just as happy to deliver a kit of parts to enable customers to assemble the goods themselves.  We will work with you to find the best way to meet your requirements, budget and time constraints.

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