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SG Transmission has designed and manufactured a permanent magnetic clutch for a medical device manufacturer, replacing the need for a brake and clutch saving money and weight.

The fail-safe clutch utilises rare earth permanent magnets to generate the magnetic field keeping the clutch engaged, should the power fail.

The innovative clutch was designed for a blue-chip manufacturer to replace the existing clutch in a drive mechanism, which needed power to engage the clutch.

The existing configuration could, in the event of power failure, allow the mechanism to potentially become free moving in an uncontrolled manner. Standard practice would be to use a fail-safe brake in this arrangement to control the free movement, which would create an additional cost.

The innovative permanent magnetic clutch has the potential to replace both components and not only save space, weight and part count, but there is also a cost saving.

Paul Short, technical manager, said: “If the drive system uses a gearbox where the output shaft cannot be ‘back driven’ then, in some applications, by employing a permanent magnet clutch this mechanical advantage can be used to provide a positive stop/hold action in the event of a power failure. Therefore, the permanent magnetic clutch is suitable for many sectors, including medical and military, where a permanently engaged clutch would be advantageous.”

SG Transmission

SG Transmission is a UK manufacturer of electromagnetic clutches and brakes, offering bespoke designed solutions to a global portfolio. Operating from a custom-built manufacturing facility, SG Transmission has the capability to design and manufacture a wide variety of made-to-order clutches and brakes, providing innovative solutions for its customers.

SG Transmission began life in 1972 and has, since then, been designing and manufacturing electromagnetic clutches and brakes for its global customer portfolio. Fundamentally an engineering business, SG Transmission can provide innovative solutions for a specific market or  application through its in-house design team.

SG Transmission designs and manufactures a variety of electromagnetic clutches and brakes for a diverse group of industries including; medical, military, robotics, material handling, leisure and so on. SG Transmission is one of few manufacturers to offer a permanent magnetic clutch solution and has recently designed and manufactured this particular clutch for a global, medical device manufacturer.

The SG Transmission manufacturing facilities were purpose built to meet the existing and future capacity demands of the business and therefore has the capability for large or small volume orders. The British manufacturer continues to invest in the latest CNC machinery to improve efficiency and has a clear focus on continuous improvement in lean and efficient cellular manufacturing.

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