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The Permanet system from Halma Water Management (HWM) receives data from Permalog+ noise loggers deployed on water pipes to listen for leaks and transmits this information to an office computer.

A new development, called the Acoustic Leak Monitoring Online System (Almos), now enables the live, onscreen display of Permanet data tracking from the Permanet system from any internet-connected PC using a new graphical interface and the latest digital mapping technology, without the need for any specialist software.

Users of the system visit the website and log in to see the precise location, condition and noise levels of their deployed Permalog+ loggers.

This information can be displayed either in a list form or overlaid onto a detailed map, terrain or satellite view of the area.

Loggers in a non-leak state appear in blue on the map, those transmitting a leak alert are shown in red and those with anomalous readings display a yellow warning sign.

Each logger can be individually highlighted to view more detailed information, including its serial number, noise level, signal strength and acoustic spread.

This enables problem areas to be quickly and accurately identified and offers potential for the in-depth analysis of the leak situation.

The list view allows loggers to be sorted by a number of variables and historical leak data for each one is available at the click of a mouse.

Users can be set up to have different levels of access to data and administrative functions, so several people can view the data simultaneously, while only administrators will be able to make changes to it.

An online demonstration of the system shows a district of Copenhagen where the system has been used for several months to achieve and maintain a 10 per cent reduction in leakage.

The Almos system can be used to view and manage integrated data from several sources, including Permanet and Automatic Meter Reading Reader (AMR) systems, with all data running through a web server-based algorithm-analysis post-processing function (patent pending).

Water suppliers can now monitor 100 per cent of their distribution system, knowing that the combination of Permalog technology, Permanet data communication and Almos online data presentation enables them to identify potential leak sites quickly and accurately, according to HWM.

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