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Permatex Europe has launched its Gel Twist Threadlockers, said to improve threadlocker application control using a gel formulation and pinpoint applicator to eliminate messy liquids.

With Gel Twist, operators and technicians can put the threadlocker exactly where they wish, including vertical applications and hard-to-reach places.

Gel Twists flow into threads more easily than solid-stick formulations, but will not spill like liquid threadlockers.

They also secure the entire fastener assembly against loosening from shock and vibration to maintain fastener clamping forces.

Threads are also protected from corrosion.

The threadlockers are operated by removing the cap, turning the dial to expose from 3 to 6mm of material, applying to fastener and closing the cap.

The Permatex Gel Twist Threadlockers are as reliable as the company’s traditional threadlocker but are said to be cleaner and easier to use.

They come in two grades: medium-strength Threadlocker Blue Gel (10g – Part No.

24010), and high-strength Threadlocker Red Gel (10g – Part No.27010).

Blue gel is used where hand tool disassembly is required.

The higher strength Red Gel will require special tools or heat to enable disassembly.

ITW Permatex/Plexus

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