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With a combination of highly sensitive GPS capability, GSM communications and an assortment of personal safety features, the Romad RSP-100 can address all the requirements of lone workers.

It is a small, discrete and lightweight personal safety phone that can be worn on a lanyard, placed on a belt holder or clipped into the specially designed badge holder.

It is a custom-designed device delivering key benefits to lone workers when managed through a professional alarm-receiving centre.

Features: full, two-way voice connectivity to an alarm-receiving centre and/or colleagues; high-sensitivity GPS tracking device with GPS pinpoint accuracy; suitable for use by most lone workers; easy-to-use personal safety alarm button; does not need a supplementary mobile phone to comply with the British standards for lone worker devices; very low rate of false alarms due to sliding SOS button design; suitable as a substitute mobile phone for many lone-working roles; resilient auto fail-over architecture; easily extendible at a later stage for use as a workforce-management aid; cost-effective operation using GPRS communications; four speed-dial buttons, 20 phone book numbers and ‘any number calling’ facility; regular GPS sampling protects employees between appointments without constantly having to leave voice ‘check-in’ messages; man-down operation for automatic alarm escalation in higher-risk environments.

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