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Petro-Canada has added Purity FG Synthetic Compressor Fluid to its line of food grade lubricants, greases and specialty fluids.

Purity FG Synthetic Compressor Fluid is a synthetic PAO-based product that protects against wear, oxidation, rust and corrosion while also providing greater wide temperature performance.

The product meets the highest food industry safety standards, is registered by NSF as an H1 lubricant and fits in HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) and GMP (good manufacturing practice) plans.

All components comply with FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 (lubricants with incidental food contact).

Purity FG Synthetic Compressor Fluid is suitable for lubricating air screw compressors, centrifugal compressors, vacuum pumps, pneumatic, hydraulic and circulating applications and gearboxes used in food processing operations.

The product performs in wet food processing environments throughout wide temperature ranges.

Larry Curts, product development specialist at Petro-Canada, said: ‘Purity FG Synthetic Compressor Fluid performed extremely well throughout the comprehensive Petro-Canada testing process.

‘One of the more notable tests included RPVOT ASTM D2272 Resistance to Oxidation.

‘Purity FG Synthetic Compressor Fluid had 4,554 minutes to oxidation, compared with competitive synthetic products with minutes to oxidation ranging from 1,129 to 2,364.

‘Other performance data collected included viscosity index of 134 (test method D2270), four-ball wear of 0.40 mm (test method D4172) and four-ball weld of 126 kg (test method D2783).’


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