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Cleansafe 787C TDS 5-10 - .PDF file.

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CleanSafe 787C Technical Data Sheet - .PDF file.

The Boeing Company and Spirit Aerosystems have approved Petroferm’s Cleansafe 787C aqueous cleaner for use on carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP).

This aqueous cleaning product is approved by both OEMs for cleaning composite structures including those materials found in Boeing BMS 8-212, 8-392, 8-256 and 8-276.

Cleansafe 787C is a high-performance aqueous cleaning solution designed for spray-in-air and agitated immersion equipment.

It can be used when a non-foaming, non-scaling cleaner with high substrate compatibility and low environmental impact is required.

Cleansafe 787C is also safe for use on bare, alodined and anodised aluminium, carbon steel, copper and copper alloys, magnesium, stainless steel and titanium.

It is even approved for use on faying surfaces in accordance with Boeing BAC 5763 (Type II, Grade A) Emulsion Cleaning and Aqueous Degreasing process specification.

Cleansafe 787C is a approved by Boeing (BAC 5763, 5749), GEAE (70-21-22 / C04-289), Honeywell Aerospace (EMS53170 Ty I and II), International Aero Engines (CoMat 01-565), Messier-Dowty (PCS-2621), Pratt and Whitney (SPOP209, POP1800, POP573, POP581), Rolls-Royce (CSS204, OMat 1/24L), Spirit Aerosystems (SPS 107630) and conforms to ASTM F483, F502, F519, F945, F1110, F1111, D816, E1447 and SAE ARO 1755B Stock Loss.

Petroferm Cleaning Products develops, manufactures and markets environmentally-responsible cleaning products to meet the increasing demands of today’s manufacturing operations. For over 25 years, we have provided our customers with solvent substitution and pollution prevention options – helping them to replace solvents with high environmental, safety and health impact.

The core markets we serve include Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Electronics, Medical Device and Optics as well as other high tech industries. Sold under the AXAREL, BIOACT, CleanSafe, HYDREX, LENIUM and SOLVAG trade names, our products are used to clean precision parts during production, ranging from sophiscated multi-stage cleaning systems to simple manual cleaning applications.  

We have high performance products for all major cleaning processes including aqueous, semi-aqueous, cold immersion cleaning, manual wipe cleaning and vapor degreasing. With over 100 products to choose from, our experienced Regional Sales Managers are ready to help prospective customer select, evaluate and implement the most appropriate cleaning products and processes.  

Cleaning products are available directly from Petroferm or through an extensive network of distributors and business partners operating in over 45 countries worldwide. At Petroferm, we provide: Advanced Products for Advanced Cleaning.

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