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Phymetrix moisture analysers are designed with a nano-pore, metal oxide, ceramic sensor, which has a large signal response to small changes of low water vapour concentrations.

This feature results in a measurement range of -110C to +20C dewpoint.

According to Phymetrix, the analysers are accurate, quick, have a reduced sensitivity to ambient temperature and offer high reliability.

The laboratory and process control applications for Phymetrix moisture analysers meet the needs of a range of industries such as petrochemical, power generation, industrial driers, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, non-fossil fuels and industrial gases.

The measurements are temperature and pressure compensated with built-in sensors.

All analysers are provided with NIST traceable calibrations.

The instruments are rugged and weatherproof for use in harsh environments.

The Phymetrix PPMa hand-held dewpoint hygrometer is the smallest and lightest model.

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