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Phyworks has introduced the PHY1066 equaliser, driver and retimer IC.

The PHY1066 lets host board designers create 10Gbps Ethernet SFP+ receive and transmit interfaces for direct attach passive twin-ax copper cables and 10GBASE-SR optical modules.

Its small size, low power and minimal external component-count also make it suitable for use in active copper-cable assemblies.

Manufactured on a digital CMOS process, this integrated IC dissipates just 0.68W, less than 50 per cent that of alternatives based on other semiconductor processes.

The PHY1066’s low power performance allied with its small footprint and flip-chip 36-pin BGA package allow easier host board upgrades to higher port densities.

PHY1066’s combination of programmable pre-emphasis, FFE/DFE equalisation algorithms and integrated re-timer ensures clean data delivery irrespective of cable thickness, reach and interference conditions.

In trials, the PHY1066 has proven in 10Gbps Ethernet host interfaces it can drive up to 15m of direct attach passive SFP+ copper cable.

Phyworks’s integration of robust and simple-to-use hardware algorithms removes the need for an external high-performance microcontroller and extensive firmware code development, saving system BOM cost and time-to-market.

The PHY1066’s Loss of Signal and Loss of Lock alarms will enhance system monitoring fed to a host controller by the driver’s selectable two-wire or SPI interface.

The IC’s PRBS and Bert functions can also be easily integrated as part of link set-up and test procedures.

The PHY1066 is supported by a reference host design for evaluation purposes.

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