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Power Integrations has launched Version 7.1.5 of its PI Expert power-supply design software.

Available for free download from the Power Integrations website, this revision of the design tool includes a number of enhancements.

First, it provides improved support for Power Integrations’ HiperPLCH controller IC for offline resonant converters.

The software permits the designer to choose from a variety of magnetic core materials and sizes for the LLC and PFC stages.

The design spreadsheet allows for transformer design optimisation for improved efficiency.

Second, it accurately calculates the external resistor (REXT) required to reduce no-load consumption in designs using PI’s LinkswitchL-II and Linkswitch-CV products in flyback topologies.

Finally, it expands the Help feature to include traditional-Chinese-language support.

PI Expert Suite v7.1.5 includes three programs.

PI Expert is an interactive program that takes a designer’s power-supply specifications, automatically generates the electrical design and selects the critical components required.

It also provides a detailed electrical and mechanical transformer design using PI’s E-Shield EMI-reduction techniques.

Optimisation choices stressing cost and efficiency are included to help designers target specific needs.

The program reduces design time from days to minutes.

PI Xls Designer is a hands-on approach to power-supply design for advanced users and those who prefer a spreadsheet interface.

The tool generates detailed engineering and mechanical designs to assist users in prototyping the transformer.

PI Viewer enables the viewing of design files created with older versions of PI Expert.

Power Integrations

Power Integrations is the leading supplier of high-voltage integrated circuits used in energy-efficient power conversion. The company’s innovative technology enables compact, energy-efficient power supplies in a wide range of electronic products, in AC-DC, DC-DC and LED lighting applications. Since its introduction in 1998, Power Integrations’ EcoSmartä energy-efficiency technology has saved an estimated $4.5 billion of standby energy waste and prevented millions of tons of CO2 emissions. The company’s Green Room web site provides a wealth of information about “energy vampires” and the issue of standby energy waste, along with a comprehensive guide to energy-efficiency standards around the world. Reflecting the environmental benefits of EcoSmart technology, Power Integrations is included in clean-technology stock indices sponsored by the Cleantech Group (Amex: CTIUS) and Clean Edge (Nasdaq: CELS).

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