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Microchip has introduced the PIC24F16KA range of 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), which feature Nanowatt XLP Extreme Low Power Technology.

The PIC24F16KA range features what Microchip claims is the world’s lowest sleep-current consumption microcontrollers, with typical sleep-currents as low as 20nA.

Low power, combined with integrated EEPROM in a small footprint and low pin-count package, makes the four members of the PIC24F16KA MCU range ideal for battery powered, energy harvesting and other power-constrained applications.

The PIC24F16KA MCU’s 20nA sleep-currents are achieved by isolating power to various circuits during sleep, with a fast wake-up time.

The nanoWatt XLP Technology gives designers the flexibility to customise their applications for the lowest power consumption through multiple internal wake-up sources, such as real-time clock and calendar alarm, brown-out resets, interrupts and watch-dog timers, all while maintaining the I/O states.

Microchip’s nanoWatt XLP microcontrollers contain features suitable for remote sensors powered by energy harvesting or sealed-battery applications, which can run for more than 20 years from a single battery.

In addition to being ideal for low power and space-constrained applications, the PIC24F16KA MCU family has high C-code efficiency and 16MIPS of computational horsepower, which makes it well suited for applications using advanced algorithms.

In addition, the PIC24F16KA features two rail-to-rail comparators and an mTouch capacitive touch-sensing peripheral, as well as SPI, I2C and two UART modules for serial communications.

Example applications for the new PIC24F16KA MCUs will cross the medical, industrial and consumer markets.

Owners of the Explorer 16 development board can buy a PIC24F16KA plug-in module (part number MA240017) for development with this new 16-bit range.

The four PIC24F16KAs are available now for general sampling and volume production.

The 20-pin package options for the PIC24F08KA101 and PIC24F16KA101 MCUs are: QFN, SSOP, SOIC and PDIP.

The 28-pin package options for the PIC24F08KA102 and PIC24F16KA102 MCUs are: QFN, SSOP, SOIC and SPDIP.

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