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The Picoscope 9211A TDR/TDT Sampling Oscilloscope is designed for time-domain reflectometry (TDR) and time-domain transmission (TDT).

It provides a low-cost method of analysing cables, connectors, circuit boards and IC packages.

The Picoscope 9211A works by stimulating the device under test using its two independently programmable, 100ps (typical) rise-time step generators.

It then uses its 12GHz sampling inputs to build up a picture from a sequence of reflected or transmitted pulses.

The results can be displayed as volts, ohms or reflection coefficient against time or distance.

As well as TDR/TDT analysis, the Picoscope 9211A can also be used for mask limit testing of a wide range of communications standards, including SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel, Ethernet, Infiniband 2.5G and 5.0G, XAUI, ITU G.703, Ansi T1/102, RapidIO 1.25G and 3.125G, G.984.2, PCI Express 2.5G and 5.0G, and Serial ATA 1.5G and 3.0G.

More than 150 industry-standard masks are included.

The instrument has three trigger inputs – a DC to 1GHz direct trigger, a 1 to 10GHz pre-scaled trigger and a 12.3Mbps to 2.7Gbps clock-recovery trigger – as well as a 10Gbps pattern sync trigger for averaging eye diagrams.

Unlike traditional, bulky bench-top instruments that contain a PC and a display, the Picoscope 9211A takes up little workbench space.

This means that for portable use, the only extra equipment required is a laptop and a mains adapter.

The analyser connects to any Windows XP or Vista computer with a USB 2.0 port; an Ethernet port is provided for remote operation over a network.

All the required software is included in the initial cost.

The Picoscope 9211A costs GBP7,495, including all necessary calibrated cables, filters, power splitters and adaptors.

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