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Acces I/O Products’ Pico-II8IDO4A is designed for expansion on Pico-ITXe single-board computers in control and instrumentation applications where high-voltage protection is required.

This dense, multifunction product features eight individually optically isolated inputs, four fully protected solid-state FET outputs capable of switching up to 3A each and two 16-bit analogue inputs.

Individual channel-to-channel isolation allows every channel to be physically and electrically separated from the others.

In addition, the two 16-bit analogue inputs provided by the Pico-II8IDO4A allow for the monitoring and control of a variety of system parameters such as temperature, voltage and humidity.

The module occupies half the area of a PC/104 board, yet is said to approach the capability commonly found on the larger board standard.

This board is suitable for deployment into space-limited applications.

Bus and power connections are built on the SUMITTM (Stackable Unified Module Interconnect Technology) connector standardised by the Small Form Factors Special Interest Group and manufactured by Samtec.

The Pico-II8IDO4A is especially aimed at applications where high common-mode external voltages are present.

Isolation is required to guard electronics from transient voltage spikes and offers greater common-mode noise rejection in electrically noisy surroundings containing industrial machinery and inductive loads.

These applications include factory automation, energy management, military/mission-critical, industrial on/off control, security systems, manufacturing test, process monitoring and kiosks.

In addition to protecting industrial applications from accidental contact with high external voltages, the isolation provided eliminates ground loops.

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