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The Picomax 825 Versa from Fehlmann – available through Kyal Machine Tools – has been developed from the ground up for the five-axis machining of large work pieces.

The product features sturdy portal design, integrated tilting rotary table along the X-axis and optimum operating ergonomics.

The Versa concept of Fehlmann is said to enable user-friendly operation of the standalone version and is easily adapted for automation.

The Fehlmann HSK-A63 motor spindle with a speed of 14000rev/min (or optionally 20000 rev/min) and power of 120Nm (40 per cent ED) comes into operation as main spindle.

In the standard version, the tool changer with chain magazine offers room for 44 tools up to 130mm maximum diameter.

An extension magazine with up to 200 pockets is available as an option.

On the Picomax 825 and 823 Versa, precision is achieved through massive and solid construction; hand scraping of all mounting surfaces coupled with direct distance measurement; and installed using a three-point support system.

Thermal rigidity is controlled through the cast-iron design and further enhanced through an oil-cooling system that provides thermal stability to all of the critical machine components.

Picomax Versa is able to offer best surfaces and high dynamics due to longitudinally integrated, double-supported swing bridge with cooled torque drives.

It also has simultaneous tilting range and a swivel range of +/- 115 degrees.

The table and tool changer are operated from the front.

The tool magazine has 44 tools as standard, with options for up to 200 tool magazine pockets HSK-A63.

Ease of operation is via the three open sides, providing perfect sight of the tools for setup whether for three- or five-axis machining.

The machine is said to offer good accessibility when loaded automatically by a robot, which is laterally mounted ensuring optimal accessibility for the operator.

Applications for the Fehlmann product include: production of precision parts; mould making; medical applications; and aerospace (civil/defence) industry.

On the Picomax Versa three-axis version, instead of the integrated tilting rotary table, there is a large table clamping area of 1200 by 750mm and large travel distances of 820mm for X, 700mm for Y and 450mm for Z.

This allows precision mechanical engineering components and dies weighing up to 1000kg to be machined.

Crane loading is done by simply opening the operator doors.

A pallet changer can be easily factory fitted or retrofitted at a later date.

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The advanced technology available through our partners the Surface Alliance Group in Germany EMO, Hosel and LPW together with Mecanolav in France enable us to customize the right solution at the right price providing you with improved process control and cost.

Available products: WFL Millturn Technologies; Weiler; Alzmetall; Fehlmann; Hembrug.

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