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Noliac has launched the piezo actuator drive (PAD), a drive technology that is said to transform the linear motion of high-performance piezoelectric multilayer actuators into a controllable rotation.

The PAD approach is an arrangement of two orthogonally orientated piezo multilayer stacks directly attached to a motor ring covering a motor shaft, the diameter of the shaft being slightly smaller than the internal diameter of the ring.

By further applying a micromechanical interlock between the motor ring and the motor shaft, the PAD principle was improved further, increasing torque and precision and avoiding backlash and slippage.

Precise and small electrical drives coupled with sensing capabilities are becoming increasingly important in applications in the industrial, medical and robotics sectors.

Mechatronic system solutions are recommended as the tasks become more complex and the high-level integration of solenoid, gearbox, mechanics, sensors and electronics is becoming mandatory.

As a result of these requirements, there is increasing interest towards piezoelectric drives, which in principle are able to overcome some of the limitations of conventional electromagnetic motor drives by utilising the smart sensor/actuator properties of piezoelectric materials.

In addition, due to the direct acting principle, piezoelectric motors generally do not necessarily require a gearbox.

Therefore, weight, size and complexity may be reduced.

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