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Relyon Plasma Piezobrush PZ2 from Intertronics
The Relyon Plasma Piezobrush PZ2 from Intertronics has nozzle attachment options for surface activation across a wide range of applications for the improved adhesion on surfaces that are otherwise difficult to bond, print on, coat or laminate. Treatment of metals, and smaller and more precise applications are now possible by choice of a suitable nozzle, while the use of a variety of special gases also enhance the possibilities of PDD (Piezoelectric Direct Discharge) on challenging substrates. Based on the direct, electric discharge at an openly operated piezoelectric transformer, low input voltage is transformed, resulting in high electric field strengths. The Piezobrush PZ2’s ionised energy output of cold active plasma gives successful pre-treatment and surface activation, enhancing wetting and adhesion with Standard, Nearfield, and Multigas-and-Needle nozzle options.

When used on conductive surfaces the Piezobrush PZ2 Nearfield Nozzle helps resolve issues where direct plasma discharges can damage some substrates or even the plasma device itself. Inside the PZ2 Nearfield Nozzle, a glass inlet forms a dielectric barrier and changes the type of discharge, distributing the power from the direct discharge uniformly over the treatment area, therefore eliminating the possibility of damage to the surface. This allows metals and other conductive substrates to be treated with confidence

Surface activation using the PZ2 Nearfield Nozzle can allow printing on materials which in normal conditions form poor bonds with inks. A good example is a printed anodised aluminium and polyethylene composite material (Alu-Dibond) where a cross-cut test on the patterns shows that there is a significant adhesion improvement. A short treatment by the Piezobrush PZ2 gives distinctly better results for the ink bonding in this, and many other cases.

The PZ2 Multigas-and-Needle Nozzle can be used without a special gas (using ambient air) for a very precise surface activation treatment with a needle jet of plasma. This narrow output of plasma energy can be used for the treatment of very fine structures including undercuts or small holes.

Alternatively, the PZ2 Multigas and Needle Nozzle can be used with an input of additional selected inert gases, which allows a range of processes to be implemented which would be impossible with normal gases such as air or nitrogen alone.

For example, to treat Teflon (PTFE) a plasma gas with a special composition is used. This is a situation found where small PTFE inner coated catheters may be successfully treated to allow improved wetting. In tests comparison shows the increased degree of wetting of the catheter achieved on the basis of capillary forces, with an improvement of over 300 per cent being possible.


INTERTRONICS supplies a comprehensive range of bonding and protective materials – together with the associated consumables and equipment – to customers in high technology, high performance assembly industries – including electronics, medical device, plastics, optical, automotive, energy, defence and aerospace.

INTERTRONICS supplies adhesives, coatings, sealants and equipment to customers with high technology, high performance assembly applications. Our customers are manufacturers in industries such as electronics, medical devices, plastics, optical, automotive, energy, defence and aerospace.

We specialise in adhesives and adhesive systems, namely bonding, coating, sealing, encapsulating, potting, masking and gasketing products, together with the most appropriate equipment and accessories for surface preparation, mixing, application, dispensing, and curing them. The provision of insightful technical and applications guidance is a cornerstone of our business. We help you find the optimal materials and processes for the manufacture, assembly or repair of your products, safeguarding and enhancing performance and integrity and, in turn, your profitability and reputation.

Ever since being established in 1979, when our main market was the printed circuit board assembly industry, we have enjoyed a reputation for customer focus, excellent service and post-sales support. We now supply over 3,000 regular customers, including multinational manufacturers, production facilities, specialist design and development businesses, universities, training organisations and government establishments.

Our Technology Centre, located in Oxfordshire with excellent road and rail links, is custom-designed for hands-on demonstrations and trials, hosted by our product specialists.

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