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Pilgrim Software will now provide integrated risk, compliance and quality management solutions to Thermo Fisher’s informatics customers operating in highly regulated environments.

The company, based in Tampa, Florida, is now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Informatics Global Partner Alliance.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers an integrated portfolio of informatics solutions, including laboratory information management systems (LIMSs), chromatography data systems (CDSs), desktop spectroscopy, document management systems (DMSs) and electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) to customers in regulated industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and clinical and diagnostic laboratories, as well as regulated process industries such as food and beverage processing and water and environmental testing.

Thermo Fisher’s informatics solutions are designed to provide customers with advanced systems that help to mitigate risk and maintain compliant processes while producing safe and secure products that meet regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Pilgrim’s risk, compliance and quality management software integrates fully with existing laboratory and enterprise systems, providing a natural end-to-end solution for Thermo Fisher’s customers seeking to remain compliant, minimise risk, reduce costs and operate more effectively.

Thermo Fisher offers its customers comprehensive solutions to manage and document the risk management process both before and after products are delivered to consumers.

Pilgrim Software solutions are intended to support this effort.

These include internal and external audit management for raw materials and reagents to assist with regulatory requirements; SOP and secure document management systems; employee training and certification records tracking; the root-cause analysis of the process of non-conformance or deviation; a supplier quality solution, documenting vendor processes and tracking performance by scorecard; and instrument maintenance, change management and ad-hoc inquiries reporting.

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