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Pilz Automation Technology has released the PNOZmulti Mini multifunctional configurable safety controller for applications up to BS EN ISO 13849-1 Ple and BS EN 62061 SIL 3.

The unit is 45mm wide, features all of the usual safety monitoring functions of the established PNOZmulti and has an LCD display for status information and diagnostic messages.

Together with the low-cost ‘lite’ licence for the PNOZmulti Configurator Software, the controller provides a cost-effective ‘start-up’ option for applications requiring three or more safety function options.

The first PNOZmulti Mini model, the PNOZmm0p, is multifunctional, programme configurable and designed to replace from three to five traditional safety relays.

The controller monitors safety functions such as emergency stop switches, guard interlock switches, safety sensors, light curtains and other safety devices, plus the same unit can execute standard (for example non-safety) control functions.

The PNOZmm0p offers: 20 safe digital inputs; four safe semiconductor outputs (capable of being configured up to SIL3, PLe) and a USB configuration interface.

The integral LCD display shows status information and diagnostic messages.

The PNOZmulti Mini is an intuitive graphical configurator software used to create the application program.

The program is then downloaded from the user’s computer directly to the PNOZmulti Mini.

For serial production, the application program can also be stored and transferred via the removable chip card.

The PNOZmulti Configurator Software is used for the whole range of PNOZmulti products, but users can also buy an economically priced ‘lite’ licence that has been released specifically for use only with the PNOZm0p (PNOZmulti) and PNOZmm0p base units.

Pilz Automation Technology

Pilz Automation technology offers a wide range of machinery safety components from PLC systems to safety sensors and servo drives, alongside their range of machinery safety consulting and engineering services and their extensive range of machinery safety training courses. Pilz has many years of experience in a variety of industries such as Food & Beverage, Packaging, Automotive, Paper and Automation, combined with the knowledge and experience of it’s machinery safety experts, Pilz is well equipped to be your machinery safety partners.

Since its formation, Pilz UK has been at the forefront of the UK machinery safety market, based in Corby, Northamptonshire since 1987, Pilz UK employs of over 35 people, many of whom are considered to be machinery and functional safety experts.
More than Machinery Safety Products
Pilz UK’s wide range of products including safety relays, PLC’s, light curtains, servo drives, gate locking systems and more are stocked and shipped from their purpose-built premises in Corby. The state of the art building is equipped with an engineering workshop to compliment the company’s safety services range including PUWER Inspections, Safety Concepts, CE Marking and Engineering. Pilz also has a dedicated training facility where courses such as the popular one day Basic Machinery Safety Course, City & Guilds 4 day Machinery Safety and the TUV accreditedCMSE (Certified Machinery Safety Expert) are delivered.
Experts in Machinery Safety
Pilz has built up expertise and a strong reputation in many industries such as print and paper, food and beverage, packaging, steel, nuclear and process, that is largely due to the in depth knowledge and competency of our staff. With over 14 members of staff having achieved CMSE qualification and an average of 22 years experience in safety and automation, our team are well equipped with knowledge on safety standards, legislation, applications and functional safety to provide our customers with practical solutions.
Pilz UK looks forward to becoming your partner in Machinery Safety and Automation

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