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AKO Armaturen manufactures different valves designed for industrial use, including pinch valves, and specialises in manufacturing individually customised valves.

The company said almost any media can be shut off, dosed or regulated with AKO pinch valves.

Due to their versatility, pinch valves can be used in many industrial areas, such as the silo/cement sector, pigment and granulate handling, ceramic industry, glass industry, water and wastewater treatment, the pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs industry and more.

Pinch valves are suitable for handling many products, particularly corrosive and fibrous media.

For simple shut-off or metering, they are very well suited and with the dependent operating pressures of 3-40 bar due to nominal sizes, they offer a universal use, according to AKO.

By default, mechanical pinch valves can be operated manually with a hand wheel.

Alternatively, the mechanical pinch valves can also be controlled automatically.

The actuator causes the pinch bar(s) to pinch the sleeve horizontally (centrally, depending on the nominal size).

This provides an effective seal on the flow of product.

In addition, a direct connection between the sleeve and the pinch bar(s) ensures an optimum opening of the sleeve to provide the full passage.

AKO said its mechanical pinch valves are available in the nominal diameters of DN015 to DN600.

Advantages include: 100 per cent free flow of product ensuring no blockages or damage; minimum frictional resistance; and low maintenance and operating costs.

The sleeve is the only component in contact with the product flow, and therefore is the only wearable part of the pinch valve that needs replacing.

Pinch valve sleeves close in the same way every time, making the sleeve last longer.

AKO Armaturen is a specialist in the manufacture of pinch valves and a producer of various valves such as air-operated pinch valves, mechanical pinch valves and knife-gate valves for use in the industrial sector. Due to the versatile usability of fittings, AKO has prevailed as the European leader in air-operated pinch valves to this day. Through consistent and innovative research and development, AKO can offer products for almost every industrial sector and provides users with a reliable and safe solution.

How does an AKO pinch valve work?

Pinch valves work by the controlling the medium of air pressure or water being used between the pinch valve body and the sleeve to give 100 per cent closure of the pinch valve. Exhausting the pressure causes the pinch valve to open. When open, the sleeve is a true bore allowing unobstructed medium to flow through. The maximum operating pressure is dependent on the nominal diameter and is around 2–6 bar.

All products from the AKO portfolio have received the certificate according to DIN ISO 9001:2008. AKO has demonstrated its high quality worldwide for many years.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and make use of individual consultations with our pinch valve experts.

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