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Miller Electric has launched interactive payback and return-on-investment (ROI) calculators for its Pipeworx welding system.

The calculators have been developed to help pipe fabricators justify their equipment investment.

Pipeworx is a multi-process pipe fabrication platform that offers quick change-over between processes and reduces sources of unproductive activities associated with pipe welding.

The calculator – along with Pipeworx system information, welding process information and instructional weld techniques – is also available on a free Pipeworx CD, which is available to order through Miller Electric’s website.

Miller’s ROI and payback calculators quantify the financial savings possible with Pipeworx by using customer-supplied shop data in an easy-to-use format.

Many of the calculations are performed automatically.

Pipe fabricators can examine savings realised through the Pipeworx system, including: reduced process change-over time; the use of Miller’s Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD) and Pro-Pulse welding processes; stainless-steel pipe welding without a backing gas; and RMD versus TIG on a root pass.

Designed specifically for pipe fabrication, Pipeworx offers Stick (MMA), TIG, MIG (including Miller’s RMD and Pro-Pulse MIG technologies for welding from root to fill and cap passes) and flux cored processes in one compact unit that arrives ready to weld.

Its one-button change-over makes switching between processes almost instantaneous, with no need to manually switch polarity, cables or hoses.

The machine’s ease-of-use and optimised weld processes are said to enable even new welders to produce code-quality welds with less training.

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