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Brevini has provided the Thames Water sewage treatment works at Crawley with a ‘no-engineering’ replacement gearbox to reduce costly downtime.

The sewage treatment works (STW) needed to replace an obsolete heliocentric gearbox for a thickener drive.

The heliocentric gearbox reached the end of its operating life and Thames Water was eager to develop a more economic solution rather than re-engineering the obsolete gearbox.

However, replacing it with a new box would require remanufacturing the thickener’s structure, which would be costly and time consuming.

Thames Water turned to Brammer to help source a no-engineering solution.

Upon receiving the Sanderson E5FJ heliocentric gearbox, Brammer turned to Brevini to design a solution that would fit the thickener’s existing structure.

Jon Snaith, managing director of Brevini UK, said: ‘We were able to design a no-engineering solution that utilised a planetary gearbox, modifying it to make it interchangeable with the obsolete Sanderson heliocentric gearbox.’ Planetary gearboxes are capable of producing very large reduction ratios (they can reach 15,000:1) and produce up to 800 kNM of torque, meaning that they are ideal for driving large, slow-moving rotors.

Brevini gearboxes have a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours when they are in constant use, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Each stage runs at 98 per cent efficiency, meaning that they are far more economical than other, traditional gearboxes.

Features of Brevini’s planetary gearboxes include twin-taper roller bearings and high torque ratings – these ensure that the gearboxes are capable of surviving in the harsh working conditions found in the water industry.

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