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Planit Software has created a divisional brand, Manufacturing Control Solutions (MCS).

Headed by commercial manager Phillip Gill, the division helps manufacturing companies to maximise the effectiveness of their production resources, reduce waiting times and increase profits through improved machine tool communications, monitoring and run-time-driven maintenance.

Core MCS products include a two-tier DNC system and advanced machine tool monitoring system.

DNC within Manufacturing Control Solutions uses modern Ethernet-based communication and data management tools to deliver up-to-the-minute information on the part production process, along with faster and more reliable CNC file management and storage.

High-speed file transfer streamlines program loading, with automatic upload, download and drip-feeding of CNC programs to the appropriate machine tool controller.

Program, load and save commands are carried out directly at the machine controller keyboard, without the need for additional machine-specific terminals.

Automatic file history storage, tracking and logging ensure full traceability and compliance to FDA, DIN and ISO standards.

DNC Pro builds on these capabilities by supplying a more sophisticated level of data management and control of NC code and associated manufacturing documentation.

It is a client-server .NET application, fulfilling the requirements of FDA certification to medical equipment standard DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 for file management.

In addition to storing NC files and maintaining a detailed log of all NC file transactions, DNC Pro is based on an SQL database that provides complete file traceability and full audit compliance support.

The system also incorporates integrated data management via drag-and-drop, as well as full file revision control and automatic versioning.

MCS’s machine tool monitoring (MTM) system is a Windows-based real-time machine data capture application that enables users to monitor information on machine tool activity for retention and analysis.

Data on productivity can be reviewed on a machine-by-machine basis or using shift-by-shift comparison, along with reasons for stoppages and non-productive time.

Access to real-time data ensures production problems and bottlenecks are quickly identified and addressed.

MTM data is stored on a central server that provides various types of analysis on current and past production processes.

Information can be exported for detailed external analysis, or output in graphical or spreadsheet formats for inclusion in management reports and business presentations.

MCS integrates closely with Planit’s alphacam, edgecam and radan CAD/CAM applications, as well as jobshop manufacturing software.

It is equally suitable for use with third-party CAD/CAM systems, and is compatible with all types of CNC machine tools.

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