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The latest version of the Planview Enterprise portfolio management (PPM) solution is targeted at decision makers working in IT, product development, finance and services-focused organisations.

Planview Enterprise 10.3 is designed to help users to make better decisions and take faster action in terms of their global investments and resources.

It extends capabilities in operational planning and execution management, with a new analytics and reporting portal, integrated sustainability metrics, enhanced scenario planning and mobility features.

User experience enhancements across the suite further improve ease of use and drive collaboration across people and platforms, according to the company.

Planview Enterprise 10.3 will be available this quarter and will be introduced to customers via a virtual product expo on the Planview website.

It can be deployed on premise or on demand via the software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of the product.

The Planview Enterprise analytics and reporting portal is a unified analytics and reporting user experience for Planview Enterprise with embedded collaboration technology.

The portal gives Planview customers one integrated view to all the information in Planview Enterprise, creating a unified decision-making environment that encourages collaboration and decision making.

A user interface built on the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server is designed to simplify sharing across all corporate Sharepoint properties.

Integration with Microsoft Office suite applications ensures that users throughout the organisation can quickly access information to enable action.

The embedding of Microsoft Office Communicator enables real-time collaboration via video conferencing and chat for the analysis of issues and trends.

The portal is configurable and supports a self-service analytics and reporting model.

Planview continues to expand the dimensions by which customers can evaluate their portfolios.

Sustainability metrics are integrated into Planview Enterprise 10.3.

With Planview Enterprise 10.3, Planview continues its investment in its operational planning capabilities to help customers build more accurate and dynamic operating plans.

Customers can examine and publish multiple scenarios for net present value, return on investment and internal return rate to select the most favourable option.

These enhancements support the iterative planning process in which most companies find themselves, automating an otherwise manual and labour-intensive process.

This keeps the operating pan relevant and reflects changes in the business environment, the results of project execution and other variables.

According to Planview, companies can now close the gap between finance, strategy and operations and can easily run scenarios to judge the viability of responses to new and changed situations.

Interface enhancements give users more control over the road-mapping functionality in Planview Enterprise Product Portfolio Management, with increased support for technology and product roadmaps and the configurability of views, statuses and product groupings.

Planview Enterprise now supports mobile decision makers, with the ability to approve, reject and delegate key milestones throughout the planning and execution process on mobile phones.

This streamlines processes and minimises work bottlenecks.

Extending the reach of the Planview Prisms enablement line, the customer portal is being made mobile ready, allowing users to access professional networking features, best practices and discussions from anywhere.

A redesigned, bidirectional add-in for Microsoft Project provides a user-friendly approach to extending the business rules of portfolio planning in Planview Enterprise to Microsoft Project.

Planview Enterprise 10.3 includes an improved process for the tracking and management of changes, risks and issues; user interface enhancements sponsor a higher ease of use.

Improvements to the management and user interface of lifecycles across the entire Planview Enterprise 10.3 product line increase productivity with streamlined project steps and approvals.

Planview Enterprise 10.3 includes updates to Planview Enterprise Ideation Management, with a new interface for improved ease of use, a chip system for higher voting effectiveness and micro-blogging to support professional networking on ideas.


Planview’s focus is helping organizations realize their resource potential. We are the global leader in solutions for strategic planning, portfolio and resource management, project collaboration, and enterprise architecture.

Planview’s focus is helping organizations realize their resource potential. We are the global leader in solutions for strategic planning, portfolio and resource management, project collaboration, and enterprise architecture. From small teams to large enterprises, companies in every industry use Planview’s products, Planview Enterprise, Projectplace, and Troux, to get the most out of their resources and achieve their goals. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, our 600 employees worldwide serve 1,000 enterprise customers and more than one million users.

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