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Migatronic has introduced the Zeta 100 plasma cutter, which is suitable for outdoor applications such as site operations and scrap-metal processing.

The Zeta 100 makes quality cuts of up to 25mm plate thicknesses and separates materials in dimensions of up to 35mm.

The control panel is the same as the control panels of the two smaller machines in the Zeta range, but the Zeta 100 cuts faster and in bigger dimensions, according to the company.

The plasma arc is ignited automatically via the pilot arc, which means contact-free ignition to the workpiece and thereby the longer service life of wear parts in the torch body.

The Zeta 100 cuts all electrically conductive metals.

Punched plates do not stop the plasma cutter, which is set at the beginning of the process to consistently cut all kinds of punched plates.

The cutting arc extinguishes automatically when the plasma torch reaches a punching.

At the same time, the pilot arc ignites and the cutting arc will reignite automatically once the operator has passed the punching.

The plasma arc is generated by electricity and compressed air only, making it inexpensive to run.

The Zeta 100 features power-saving standby functions and can be connected to three 400V mains voltage.

The new plasma cutter is operable with petrol- or diesel-driven generators.

The Zeta 100 is suitable for taking down old pipes in connection with mounting new tank installations.

The new plasma cutter is applicable for mild steel as well as aluminium and stainless steels – materials that cannot be flame cut.

Accessories include circle cutting devices, roller guides and cutting nozzles.


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