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GYS has launched the single-phase 230V Plasma Cutter 21 and the flexible-voltage 85-265V Plasma Cutter 31FV for industrial maintenance and car-body repair work, as well as on-site work.

The lightweight industrial plasma cutters both utilise inverter technology and are designed to produce low-intensity quality cuts, even on painted surfaces, without any distortion.

The Plasma Cutter 21 is able to cut up to 4mm aluminium and copper, as well as 6mm steel, stainless-steel and cast-iron sheets, with the capability to cut 6mm steel and 4mm aluminium at speeds up to 15cm/min at 20A.

The Plasma Cutter 31FV is able to cut 8mm aluminium and copper, as well as up to 10mm steel, stainless-steel and cast-iron sheets, and can cut 10mm steel and 8mm aluminium at 9cm/min at 30A.

With the GYS ‘Pilot Arc’ system on both machines, the arc starts without any contact with the sheet being cut.

Starting without any HF avoids any electromagnetic interference from devices such as phones, computers and radios.

The Plasma Cutter 31FV features PFC (Power Factor Correction) and FV (Flexible Voltage) technology, which enables it to be used with 110V (32A) or 230V (16A), or any voltage in the range 85-265V.

With PFC technology, it can be used with a power generator and with long extension leads, without any reduction in the performance of the machine.

It also has reinforced protection for use with generators and has been over-voltage tested up to 400V.

Both machines have IP23 protection against rain and dust impregnation, and are supplied with an air-cooled torch and 4m hose equipped with a safety trigger to avoid any accidental starting.

Options include a compass kit for circular cutting and a wheeled trolley for operator convenience.

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