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The HiFocus 440i high-precision plasma cutting system covers a cutting range from 0.5 to 100mm.

It provides a maximum cutting current of 440A at 100 per cent duty cycle and parts can be cut vertically, with a smooth surface and practically no follow-up work.

Piercing is possible up to 50mm material thickness.

The HiFocus 440i allows cutting, marking and punching with the same consumables.

It is operated with the plasma torches of the PerCut series, with the PerCut 450M to be used in the future.

The quick-change torch covers the entire range of performance from 5 to 440A with only one torch head.

Due to its clamping diameter of 50.8mm, it can be integrated into guiding systems and bevel heads with a 2in torch holder.

Due to its acute-angled consumables between 76 and 90deg, it is suitable for bevel, 3D and 2D cutting.

The PerCut 450 is equipped with a completely new set of consumables and a swirl gas function.

Originally, this function had been developed especially for underwater cutting.

The swirl gas screens the plasma torch from outside influences, protects the arc against water and the emerging particles are immediately bonded into the water.

The HiFocus 440i also allows underwater cutting on the part of the power source.

It is suitable for steel service centres, ship builders or steel manufacturers and dealers because it can be combined with 2D- or 3D CNC guiding systems like gas cutting machines, robots and pipe-cutting machines.

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